Converse Chuck Taylor “2”


converse-chuck taylor 2_07
A century in the making, Converse has made the bold step to update the dearly beloved, iconoclastic Chuck Taylor All Star. Dubbed, not creatively but fairly, the Chuck Taylor All Star II, these freshened up stunners have modern comfort with retro mojo, a killer combo.

Converse has done a solid job, let’s start with that. The Chuck Taylor has been around forever, and not due to its performance. The pure charisma of these kicks has carried them for decades. The update rewards loyal fans by fixing issues we’ve all had with the OG kicks. From the comfort (the new Lunarlon insole is an amazingly helpful addition) to the tongue that will finally stay in its proper place. Dished up first in canvas, we look forward to seeing what else Converse throws at the II’s in the future. If you’re trying to step into a pair you can do so starting July 28th. Bout damn time.

converse-chuck taylor 2_09 converse-chuck taylor 2_03 converse-chuck taylor 2 converse-chuck taylor 2_05 converse-chuck taylor 2_06 converse-chuck taylor 2_04 converse-chuck taylor 2_10 converse-chuck taylor 2_08 converse-chuck taylor 2_02



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