2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic Sailor Moon anime series. Following the reveal of the Sailor Moon x Vans collection, CASETiFY joins in on the festivities with its own collection of Sailor Moon accessories.

The collection is highlighted by various phone cases for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel models that feature Sailor Moon and the rest of the Sailor Guardians. CASETiFY also offers two different Stickermania case styles, one featuring Sailor Moon and the other featuring Tuxedo Mask. There is also limited edition reflective Pink Mirror Case available via early access on the CASETiFY Co-Lab app.

The collection also features AirPod cases, including a Luna 3D AirPod Pro case, and a limited edition beaded wristlet adorned with Luna, star, and moon charms. Rounding out the collection is Apple Watch wristbands, a water bottle, and a Nintendo Switch carry case.

“This collection is a joyful celebration of strength and friendship, bringing together the CASETiFY Community and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon fans all around the world,” says CASETiFY CEO and co-founder Wes Ng. “We hope fans carry these accessories as a reminder to be themselves and find their power within.”

The Sailor Moon x CASETiFY collection launches globally on June 30th. Fans can visit casetify.com/co-lab/sailor-moon now to sign up for early access.