BAIT x G.I. JOE x New Balance MT580 “Storm Shadow” & “Snake Eyes”


bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-storm-shadow-snake-eyesLast time we saw this type of collaboration for BAIT, New Balance and the long-standing action figure franchise, G.I. Joe, they had done a “Cobra Commandor” flavor on the New Balance 574.  Today, we share with you the next installment designed after the sometimes-enemy ninjas and blood brothers, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

The Storm Shadow pair features a light grey upper in suede with red accents on the laces, as well on the midsole – which also shows a blood-like splatter along the heels as well as on the sock liner and insole.  The translucent sole shows a camo pattern commonly worn by this G.I. Joe Ninja.  For Snake Eyes, the sneaker receives a somewhat blacked out treatment – with red accents – and the upper utilizes a combination of leather, wolverine suede, ripstop nylon and 3M hits.  For both shoes, the lace locks and embossed heel tab showcases the symbol of the ninja assassin clan the brothers grew up in, the Arashikage.  For your chance to win the opportunity to buy the shoes, enter BAIT’s raffle.  Otherwise you can visit a BAIT store on October 10 and purchase the each shoe for $160.  If purchasing both pairs, BAIT will include the BAIT x G.I. JOE Arashikage Tactical Assault Bag.  Otherwise, the bag can be purchased separately for $80.


bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-storm-shadow-1 bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-storm-shadow-2 bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-storm-shadow-3 bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-storm-shadow-4 bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-storm-shadow-5 bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-storm-shadow-6 bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-storm-shadow-7 bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-storm-shadow-8bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-snake-eyes-1bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-snake-eyes-2bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-snake-eyes-3bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-snake-eyes-4bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-snake-eyes-5bait-gijoe-new-balance-mt-580-snake-eyes-6



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