Are Resellers Killing the Sneaker Game?


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  1. i kinda agree it. is supply and demand. that is capitalism unfortunately and hype! peeps camp out for 5 days that draws attention. i know what i want and i will get what i want as i have some coonects. that said i have sold some heat before but it is basically other things have come out that i really want. i usually do not do that i agree but all in all..hype beasts killin it right now! if dudes wanna camp for 6 days and they have time do that..more power to em..the concord madness was just nuts thou!

  2. I believe the buyers and sellers share the blame here, but I'm leaning more toward the resellers. This is a scenario that is being played out way too often now…a resller buys damn near half the shipment of sneakers from any given store, leaving the sneaker enthusiast out in the cold without his or her kicks.. I personally think that sh*t breeds the idea of playing 200-300 dollars over box price. I recently saw a seller on ebay with 4-5 pairs of the AJ1 Dave Whites marked up to 800…seriously..since then he knocked the price down to a lowly 550..he's really cutting deals now..

  3. This is an intelligent dude. Wish there was more like him. Problem today is that there are so many damn fools involved. Unintelligible, brain dead cats repeating whatever they hear. Seems to me that pre-sellers are a problem more than re-sellers. Wait til more people get sub par quality kicks, b-grades etc. from pre-sellers. Good vid.

  4. Reselling is not so cut and dry. I see reselling in two basic categories.

    1. There are sneakerheads that cop a pair of kicks and sell them to buy another pair in the size they need or use them for trade bait. I have no problem with this, its part of the game.

    2. Then there are non-sneakerhead commercial resellers buying up all the kicks to resell for ridiculously inflated prices. They aren't true collectors. They are exploiting sneaker culture for all they can get. I guess I equate them with crack dealers who slang the +%#$ but won't use it themselves. They just keep capitalizing off the addictions of others. Nothing satisfies me more than for a hype shoe to decrease in value (ie. chicago X's) and all those commercial resellers are end up stuck with them. Ha

  5. I say it's the "overnight" sneakerheads, it's seems like everybody and they mama is a shoe collector all of a sudden. And the celebrity hypebeasts too.

  6. its resellers, thirst buckets, and manufacturers equally… although 9 times out 10, the manufacturers will restock, they release a limited amount initially… the resellers buy as much as possible… and the thirsty fucks pay those rape prices and/or camp out for EVERY retail release causing it to sell out… its a vicious cycle…

    and its not an honest buck if they're inflating the prices to the point of anal rape… its a hustle… you don't have to be mad about it, but its NOT honest… and i think you're taking the concept of a reseller out of context… idk anybody that has an issue against ALL RESELLERS ever in life… everybody has sold a pair of kicks at one point or another…fire sales, etc have helped us all get rid of unwanted kicks at a reasonable price. but selling your old beaters on ISS is not the same as flipping new releases for prices waaaaaay above retail. come on, now. stop being so narrow-minded with your definition of 'reseller.'

    and nobody likes that guy that buys six pairs of 9.5s then hops on eBay and triples the price

  7. one solution…do not buy…find other shoes that are not so hyped..i do not buy jordans anymore i buy kobes, penny flight 1s and other 90s retros..resellers are the death of the game, for a person like me who has a job and a family i dont have time to stand in line for 24 hours just for a bracelet and then another 24 hours for a pair of shoes. the other thing is why not just get a real job? you buy a pair of shoes for 160 and sell them for 300…unless you have at least 100 pairs of shoes you are not making any money…resellers are not math majors tho. then you have the kids who buy a pair, wear them a few times then 3 weeks later want to sell them for the retail price and say "they are VVVVVVVVVVNDS" so in other words they bought the shoes just to look cool and now they want to sell….

  8. This is a delicate subject. The way i see it is if someone who is in to sneakers wants to sell a pair that they dont want or to get money for another pair they want thats all good. Thats part of the game. But for someone to go sit in line and take a pair of sneakers away from someone who really wants them just so they can resell them and make profit, that bull. Thats ruining the game.

  9. I don't have a problem with resellers. All of us will get an extra pair of heat to flip to supplement the huge amount of money the shoe companies are pulling from our pocket. If a person can use this as a business then who am I to hate. If you look at it, footlocker, champs, east bay etc are doing the same. The purchase the shoes to make a profit to support their employees as well as themselves. If the hype beast and re-sellers were not a part of the community, all of the shoe companies would suffer simply because the hype is free marketing. Ask reebok what happens when the buzz ceases and the demand stop. The company was sold. It was the leading shoe company at one time. Nike was facing dyer straites also when the hype fell at one point. Do I hate going to my local store and the shoe is sold out, yes. But am I proud when I am amongst the first to pick mine up, yes. So the "entitled" people who think that they should be able to just pick up all the shoes that they wish to have, just grow up and realize the sneaker industry does not revolve around you and except the change or simply just keep your money in your pocket. There is someone out there that has no problem purchasing the pair of sneakers that you passed on. If it wasn't, the prices would continue to rise.

  10. he makes a good point about the blame game. but we can't blame the manufacture because thats what sells it always has been this way in every field bikes cars boats to high fashion pieces limited quantities sells and it on to the next one. as far as resellers yes we get raped but you got what you wanted right. so hey be happy not every one just keeps the shoe that we miss out on

  11. I've been collection Jordans since I was 10. I no longer have the option of standing on line. So I need to get what I want off of a retail site on release day. If I have to I'll spend more on ebay if I can't get them from retail. But it's gotten to the point were every site will sell out (or crash) within minutes because of resellers or over hype for a release. I used to buy 2 pair: 1 to wear and 1 to save. Now I've resorted to getting 2 pairs when I can and resell one so that when I can't get a pair at all from retail I have some extra cash to spend the $60, $100+ markup that resellers have them at.

  12. my problem is all the hypes. I know i just got into the game (spending more than $70 on shoes) and everyone will think imma hype but i have general shoes. and i just bought cement 4s early for a lump some of cash because I hate waiting in line for shoes that i might not even get. And hearing people killing others for there shoes. i love my shoes but not to the extent of paying 300+ just to have them. we all sold shoes and have probably bought a used shoe just because its nice to us and the general public. isn't that hype. today i heard this kid saying that he was goin to buy all the galaxies and re-sell them. WHY? you ruin the chance of the other person that will wear them and keep them to have them. thats my output. oh and nike only limits there supply because the spend minimal money making them and sell them for outrageous prices and the public will buy them for that amount. My foams for example the sole is off set with the shoe itself. thats all and im glad that people see how this stuff works and not completely ignorant to this subject

  13. I think we all are killing the sneaker game . The companies, the retailers, resellers, customers . All of us as whole but I put more of the blame on the people who are in the offices because they make decisions as far as quantities, pricing, advertising, and issuing . If a shoe such as the Foamposite had a great year for 2010 and 2011 as far as distribution then why are you boosting the prices and releasing lesser quantities thats stupid and greedy especially during the state of our economy

  14. I blame the manufacturers, consumers, resellers, and

    don't forget about these websites that hype up every release to the point that makes resellers did what they do

  15. It's easy to make a case to blame either party. Blame the manufacturers because they don't make enough? But who wants to rock kicks that everyone on the block has? If that was the case I would get a cheap pair of reebok classics instead of jordans for 3x the price. The idea of retro jordans is easy. If you want exclusive shoes of have to beyond the norm to get them, whether that means camping out for 24hr or paying way over retail for them. Personally I would never wait in line for shoes, so technically you are paying resellers for their time and effort. Ive had my share of shoes bought from resellers and pre sellers but I've come to the conclusion that it's not worth it n if I can't get the shoes then I will do with out.

  16. Re-sellers are NOT killing the sneaker game. If anything re-sellers are the fuel behind the sneaker game.

    If re-sellers didn't buy all of the sneakers then they wouldn't sell out. If they don't sell out they aren't exclusive therefore not making them appealing to consumers.

    Without ANY re-sellers there wouldn't be any lines for sneakers, there wouldn't be as much hype before release dates, and the feeling of HAVING to get that pair won't be there As much. (Of course for true sneaker lovers it will be)

    But take away all the things i just mentioned (lines, hype, secondary market) and is there even a "sneaker game" left?

    Whether we want to accept it or not, Re-sellers are the fuel behind the sneaker game.

  17. The buyers are to blame. The quality of the product nowadays barely even justifies the msrp so there is no way im paying more. Like everyone is saying its all about supply and demand but it sucks that every hot retro sells out within minutes now.

  18. I think Nike is to blame.. I guarantee you if they upped the supply there would still be ample demand. But the hype of "limited" shoes gives them free marketing so why would they stop? Either way they get theirs, at the end of the day ain't nothing finna change. This is the sneaker game in 2012. I hate it but my love for keeping my feet fresh keeps me in it.

  19. I blame NIKE first, supply drives demand! If Nike created 10000 pairs of Concords then the would effectively kill the reseller by flooding the market. I don't blame ppl who buy from resellers or resellers themselves it's simple supply and demand. If you don't want to pay triple retail then don't, if you don't want to camp out then don't it's that simple.

  20. I just miss the good ol days when you could walk in the store at 11 or 12 in the afternoon and still be able to cop a pair of kicks. these days these foo's are crazy doubling the price on some kicks that ain't even worth it. I'm not gonna lie i got me a pair of concords because my sister works at footlocker but i wouldnt pay a dime more, the quality on them is really shitty. Hopefully the resellers stay stuck with them.

  21. You all need to take business courses. I actually majored in business and performed a few case analyses on Nike. When you all isolate Nike to just a "sneaker company" you miss the point. The fact is Nike can do what they do because the company is so highly diversified in assets. Only a limited amount of capital is funneled into footwear (specifically basketball) but branding (as opposed to general marketing) is key in consumer awareness. Nike's costs to "market" is almost nill, so costs of production are mainly the costs associated with sneaker side of business. A few years outsourcing was an attractive way to cut these costs, yet recently recession in the global economy and decrease in the American dollar's value have limited Nike's access to cheap labor alternatives. It doesn't help that Nike has been much-maligned for labor practices in it's history.

    The point is:

    1. Shoe costs are up because production costs are up, and no matter how much people at Nike love sports, shoes, athletes, etc, they are still limited to a tunnel-vision focus on costs driving production (costs and quantity produced)

    2. A sneaker head with limited knowledge is just asking to get anally-dominated….and blindly led to the slaughter

    3. In general, I drop knowledge like a hung-over librarian trying to carry 5 encyclopedias to the 3rd-level of the city library the morning after her more-attractive sister's bacheloretter party.


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