Air Jordan XI 11 Cool Grey 2000-2010 Comparison


The Air Jordan XI ‘Cool Grey’ caused mass hysteria throughout retailers all across the US. Luckily there have been no report of riots or anything crazy like that but for those who were lucky to get their pair, good job on being successful. Here we have 2000 and 2010 Air Jordan XI Cool Grey Comparison provided by FC. You can see the many differences in the 2010 version compared to the previous version that released 10 years ago. The toe box is longer and the lace holders are a bit darker. After the Jump, you can a list of different features in the 2010 version.


  1. Toebox could be bigger cuz its a bigger size smh

    How is the patent horrible cuz the flash isnt as bright in the reflection? alotta of things coulda caused that smh

    Laceholders are different IN THIS PICTURE. the shiny mesh they use can cause the color to vary as well

    I never EVER trip about a color difference especially as slight as the one u mention. if it was big like the Infrared AM90's then i would undrstand. the patent color difference is more different than wat u pointed out

    that mash in the back is bad but its not all pairs

    at the end of the day it was a "2000 is better cuz its an OG so imma bash on the 2010" type movement. And i certainly dnt favor retros but i hate wen pl do this. worst comparison ever

    when u own both pair n have em in the same lighting and take pix do another

  2. yea this is the wackest comparison ever. btw "cool grey" is not the color of the upper. "cool grey" refers to the color of the patent leather. the upper is "medium grey." horrible comparison

  3. "Long ass toe box?", "WTF is this?!" – fair assessments. So wondering what the general public think? happy? not so pleased? whatever?

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  5. 2010 CG's are crap….plain and simple! If JB dumped on your feet and called it heat most of you would go along….smh @ you dopes who paid almost 200$ for these imitation Jordans.

  6. DO ANY OF YOU SEE THE WATERMARK ON THE PIC……FLIGHT CLUB…. you guys are talking about the pic like M.N made it lol. smh.

  7. thats the point he prolly owns neither versions so he shldnt be doin comparisons. i can do a comparison n so culd u of what u see different in pix onlin

    @bigwillie whats ur gripes? ppl b ridin what other ppl say sayin the retros suck n have no proof or evidence to support it. this was a horrible comparison in itself. no need to even talk bout comparisons when it was just ridiculed instead of actually bein compared. a comparison is whats different. this is a pic of the OG's and a pic of what he dont like from that picof the 2010s

    THIS is a comparison

    and this

  8. at least if you are going to do a comparison get the dates right. it’s March 2001 and December 2010. if you don’t like it then don’t get it, that fucking simple. stop crying like a fucking 2 year old.

  9. fucking cIowns and a trash ass comparison. get the fucking date right at least. stick to current hyped shit cause you fucktards don’t shit about sneakers and how to do an actual comparison. a bunch of bitches


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