Air Jordan 11 Retro “Blackout”


An All Black Air Jordan 11 is unheard of but judging by the unreleased sample pattern from before, it is believable. The Air Jordan 11 “Blackout” surfaced in 2011 with a very small photo and fortunately today, we finally get a detailed look at this Air Jordan 11. Perhaps you can refer to these as the “Black Anniversary” Air Jordan 11, due to it’s opposite colorway that was part of the silver anniversary a few years back. This Air Jordan 11 features an all black upper with a smokey sole and if you’re willing to shell out a few dollars, Buy them Here


  1. Im not sure how i feel about this. The jordan 11 classics are known for the contrast between the patent leather and the rest of the shoe. this is kinda odd

  2. I'm definitely in the minority when i say i've never been the biggest fan of the XI — I had the OG Concord when I was a junior in high school (1995) but it was never on my grail list. However, this all black sample is most definitely an XI that I would scoop 2 pair of. This colorway is long overdue; hopefully JB produces this at some point.

  3. im with you xi areant in my top 5 but these actually look like knock offs. not too much of a fan the only basic color that can take the entire shoe is white, the 25th aniversary showed this, but all black on xi are nice when they have another color to accent them hints the bred. keep these and bring me the olive 9's

  4. They would look better with the smokey soles like the ones on the motor sport 6's ….

    Rather stick with my concords and space jams

  5. So clean and sleek!

    But i do agree, it would be pretty cool to see it with a blacked out sole. not sure though. I'd have to see it first.

    I would cop, and I'm not to big on 11s.


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