With the Global release of the Adidas Yeezy Boost officially set for February 28th, 2015, more news of the adidas x Kanye collection continues to make headlines this month. Today, we’ve come across a sample pair of Yeezy Boosts featuring a Black outsole. The Samples are no different from the release version of the Yeezy Boost, but it is nice to see another colorway now that we’re used to seeing the release version. Let us know if you would’ve rather have chosen the Black outsole instead of white in the comments section.


adidas-yeezy-boost-black-sole-sample-001 adidas-yeezy-boost-black-sole-sample-002 adidas-yeezy-boost-black-sole-sample-003 adidas-yeezy-boost-black-sole-sample-004 adidas-yeezy-boost-black-sole-sample-005 adidas-yeezy-boost-black-sole-sample-006 adidas-yeezy-boost-black-sole-sample-007 adidas-yeezy-boost-black-sole-sample-008





via Sneaker Gaga