Adidas Super Beast East All-Star Colorway


The 2011 NBA All-Star game is being played at the Staple Center in Los Angeles. What better location to showcase a stylish shoe than in Hollywood. Dwight Howard is sure to represent the East All-Stars and will be equipped with the Adidas SuperBeast. The new color way is sure to shake up consumers who are already hyped on the black, silver and blue as well as the white, silver and blue color-way. The SuperBeast features the innovative Torsion Alive cushioning system, Howard’s image on the tongue and FlexSkin for ultimate mobility. The All-Star color-way features the Adidas signature stripes in silver lined in black, blue lace-locks, red, white and blue on the sole of the shoe and spider-web print on the black leather. Feb. 20 is the date of the game and you can assure yourself Superman will be leaving the phone-booth dressed to impress. Via AaronKnows


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