A BATHING APE and Levi’s have joined together for a third installment, following a duo of previous releases in Dubai and Miami. The collection features various pieces and BE@RBRICKS sporting the apparel.

The Levi’s Type III Split Trucker Jacket, the centerpiece of the collection, is available in five colors with a tradition shank button on the front and a full zipper on the back for a half-and-half structure. The style is similar to the first two releases in Dubai (2019) and Miami (2020) but rebuilding its original idea. Denim found on various apparel pieces feature elaborate stitching and camouflage patterns that focus on versatility and endless possibilities of coordination.

The Global Collection features the Split Trucker Jacket, a mix of Western-style shirts, bandanas, 6-panel trucker hats and 5 exclusive color camos. The Zip Front Trucker Jacket from the Global Collection does not have a split function, unlike the Split Trucker Jacket.

The Levi’s x BAPE collaboration will see a limited release in Japan, the U.S., Asia and Europe, depending on the piece. You can snatch the apparel when it hits BAPE retail stores, the BAPE.com webstore and some Levi’s retailers on January 23. The Levi’s x BAPE BE@RBRICK 100%, 400% and 1000% will be released January 30 on the BAPE webstore and at MEDICOM retailers. See the full range here.