Hender Scheme Industrial Product 09


hender scheme 1

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery. People take inspiration from everything around them. Well, if you’re Japanese brand Hender Scheme , you take your inspiration and take it to another level. The brand known for remaking the models of other popular sneakers and adding a luxury twist to it, is back at it again with their “Homage Collection”.

The adidas Microracer is the silhouette that has inspired Hender Scheme and the brand has went all the way in. The handmade shoes are crafted with tanned leather and all around. The Micropacer, known for its futuristic look, usually dons a a sensor in the shoe that will tell you the calculations of the distances you run. That feature is noticeably absent from the shoe but still contains the velcro holder for the technology. The shoe is finished off on a stacked sole that’s hand-stitched.

The quality on these shoes are a little bit more than what you receive in some of your more standard sneakers. You can pick theses up from retailers like END.


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