Borderlands Invades Fortnite in “Fortnite x Mayhem” Event


Epic Games and 2K Games have teamed up to release a Borderlands and Fortnite crossover event in Fortnite that will include new player skins, accessories, and sprays along with a new map area.

The event will include a new Psycho skin with a Claptrap backpack to match along with new weapon wraps, a matching ax and more. The new map zone will resemble Pandora, the setting of the upcoming Borderlands 3 game, and will be located near a rift zone that was introduced in Season X of Fortnite. The event even stays true to the cel-shaded art style of Borderlands and will have new Loot Crates and Chest design in Pandora. Other features included in the update is a new Shield Bubble item and if you stay in Pandora long enough without getting hurt you will generate shield.

The Fortnite x Mayhem event will last until September 10th, a few days before the release of Borderlands 3 on September 13th. Take a look at the trailer for the Borderlands x Fortnite crossover below.



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