8 Things You Can Do in LA


If you happen to take a quick trip to L.A and are limited with time, here’s a list of things you can do in less than a day. We headed to the West coast to check out the scenery as well as retail locations such as RIF and Jason Markk, including a few food spots like Free Range LA. Here’s a quick list of 8 things you can do in Los Angeles whether you’re a sneakerhead or not. Check out the list below and enjoy.

1. Take some insane flicks 35,000 Feet in the Air

Scenes: If You’re into Photography and like being creative, take advantage of the scenery on the way to Los Angeles. All kinds of mountains and vibes 35,000 Feet above.

2. Head to one of the Best Sneaker Consignment Shops in the World

(Excuse the Rug) – If You’re in Little Tokyo, You absolutely must go to RIF LA. RIF’s been serving the sneaker community worldwide for quite sometime now and they’ve even managed to open up shop in Japan. The consignment shop offers up a vast selection of Old and New Sneakers with amazing prices. You might even bump into a few celebs if you’re lucky.



3. Catch up on Past Supreme Releases and Bear Bricks

Rif Dos – A sister store to RIF LA, offers tons of past Supreme releases on consignment. You can catch up on every past release including tees, hats, decks and more. The location is next door to RIF LA so if you happen to scoop up a pair of sneakers, you can walk about two doors down for some gear.

rif-dos_03 rif-dos

4. Give your Sneakers a Quick Clean Up

Across the street from RIF LA, You’ll find the Jason Markk space where you can drop off your dirty sneakers, only to find them good as new (damn near DS) after their services. You can also hop on the chair for a quick sneaker clean up if you’re on the go.

jason-markk_04 jason-markk jason-markk_02


5. Japanese Anime Toys and Power Ranger Epicness

If you happen to stop by RIF and get a quick Sneaker Clean up at Jason Markk, Stop by Japanese Anime Toy Store Anime Jungle for a nostalgic trip to your childhood. Anything from Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Power Rangers and anything else you grew up with can be found here. Some of the toys are pretty damn awesome.





6. Fried Chicken Biscuit Vibes in L.A

Free Range LA: We’re fans of Fried Chicken and Free Range LA has everything the Fried Chicken connoisseur needs to satisfy his / her appetite. Located in front of The Commissary coffee shop, Free Range LA is posted up in a food truck serving lunch Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 12:30pm-2:30pm at 3425 Motor Avenue Los Angeles, CA. Grab that Sriracha Biscuit tho.

7. Fairfax Ave.

This is the place you want to go to if you plan on splurging on Sneakers and Streetwear. Everything from Supreme, Diamond, Flightclub, 424 Fairfax and every other spot you see on the internet is located on this exact street.


8. Grand Central Market

Grand Central Market – Here’s where you can find food from all kinds of cultures including some of the best Tacos, Pupusas and Ceviche.

grand-central-market_02 grand-central-market_03



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