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Dedication goes far and depending on whatever is destined for you, it usually works out in your favor if you put in the work. Take it from Foamer Simpson and Yung Buckets – the entities behind the Foamersimpson Youtube Channel. These guys have dedicated themselves to not only putting out great content, but stepping out side the box and zig while everyone zags. Originally only creating sneaker content such as reviews, both Foamer and Young Buckets have switched it up over the years and have created a solid fan base for themselves. For this month’s street notoriety, we caught up with Foamer and Young Buckets in NYC. The duo took us on a tour of some of their favorite spots, including some of their favorite food joints while we carried a convo on their story. Check out the piece below.


When did you start on Youtube?
A little over 3 years ago.


Did they always call you Foamer?
Nah, that’s just what I came up with when my brother and I started the YouTube channel. It was just the first thing that came to mind – didn’t put much thought into it honestly. Initially, we weren’t planning on doing videos for any extended period of time so the name of the channel didn’t really matter to us.


You’re always doing some over the edge creative shit, where does the inspiration come from?
I think inspiration is everywhere, but being creative is just something we enjoy doing. We just want to do dope shit. That’s the objective.


We’ve reached an era where things are becoming kind of stale within the sneaker culture. How do you set yourself apart?
Just by being original. That will always set you apart – all you have to do is be yourself.


You and Your brother have become a signature duo, have you guys always collaborated since the beginning or did it start as a solo project?
Nah, we started it together. It’s been 50/50 from the very beginning. Matter of fact we’ve been collaborating since we were little kids – way back when we would pretend to be John Starks and Anthony Mason at the park. Nobody could see us.

Mac and Cheese from S’Mac

You dropped a beard oil which is completely different from sneakers – Whys that?
It’s a conditioner, but a beard oil is coming real soon also so stay tuned! It started very organically actually (no pun intended). I was having some skin and irritation issues with my beard and I couldn’t find a product that worked so we decided to make our own.


Being a Youtube influence, I’m sure you have fans all across the board seeing what you’re up to – how’s that feel?
I don’t think we have fans, but there’s definitely people who show love and support what we do. I think it’s dope. It’s cool to be able to connect with people all over the world – that’s really been the coolest part of having a YouTube channel. The Internet is a powerful thing.


Any Last Words?

Just want to say thank you to everyone who supports what we do. Let’s continue to build.


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