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With the music industry being arguably one of the toughest industries to catch a break in, Chicago native, Darius D-WIN Windfield, is up for the battle. Many artists today do not posses an original sense of style or personal story to share with others. This is not the case for D-WIN, who’s been grinding in this industry for over four years and feels that he is just getting started. With a passion for music and all things sneaker related, D-WIN makes the cut for our latest Street Notoriety.
Who are you? Introduce yourself to the reader:
My name is Darius Winfield aka DalwaysWins / D-Win
When did you start marking music?
I started making music at the age of 18, professionally, when I got cut from my high school basketball team. I realized I wasn’t going to the NBA, and wanted to see what this music game was all about.



Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration comes from life and the daily struggles I go through. There are so many people that inspire me. Rob Garcia, Jerry Lorenzo, Kanye West, Tek X, Dave Cash, my baby sister Camryn, Brandon of PRSVR, Mickey Mike Monday, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Brian & Autumn of Sir & Madame, my Aunts Debra & Charlene, and my wonderful Mother. From celeb’s to family, inspiration is everywhere.


When did your obsession with sneakers begin?
I become obsessed with sneakers when I would see Michael Jordan wearing Jordan’s that didn’t release yet. Also, the EastBay magazine’s amped my obsession to the point where my mom would have to hide them when they came in the mail.


What kind of shoes are you drawn to mostly? What makes you like a particular type of shoe?

A good silhouette is what really draws me to sneakers. High-tops are my go-to when it comes to a specific silhouette. Sneakers with an original design and dope story behind them always catches my attention.


What brands are you currently rockin’ with?

I’m currently wearing PRSVR, Sir & Madame, H&M, Zara, Air Jordan, Nike, Vintage Finds, and Premium Co.


Tell us about your upcoming EP, Kubrick, what can we expect?

You can expect a new sound from D-Win. It’s a collaboration EP between Tek X, D-Win, and RunawayAddicts. Tek X produced the entire EP. It’s inspired by the works of Stanley Kubrick and current world issues. Walking On Water is the first single and the video just released. You can expect a new improved D-Win.


Images via Vince Sirico


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