PLEASURES Launches Evangelion Collection


Original Story (7/1/24): PLEASURES has been teasing its Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration for what feels like an eternity. Fans of the LA-based streetwear brand and mecha anime series have been eagerly awaiting for a release date, and now we finally have one.

Teaser images for the PLEASURES x Neon Genesis Evangelion collection reveal tees and other pieces adorned with Evangelion graphics. There’s a Second Angel Lilith tee, a tee with the quote “Smiling would be a start” from the scene where Rei smiles at Shinji, and another tee featuring Kaworu Nagisa. Additionally, there’s a bomber jacket with the “Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon Artificial Human” slogan in EVA’s iconic font. We also see a pair of EVA pants and an “Angel Destruction” cap.

The PLEASURES x Neon Genesis Evangelion collection drops July 12th at 10am PT on the PLEASURES website. Check out the teaser images below and stay tuned to Modern Notoriety for updates.

Update (7/5/24): Prior to the online release, the PLEASURES x Evangelion collection will be released at Anime Expo in LA (July 4-7) as well as at a special pop-up in Los Angeles Arts District (July 11). Additional preview images added below.


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