A Look Back When Karl Malone Fought Dennis Rodman in WCW


1998 – The Wrestling wars between the WWE and WCW were boiling, The Chicago Bulls won their 6th NBA title and both Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman went head to head at Bash at the Beach.

At time, both Wrestling and the NBA were the highest rated shows. WWE acquired Mike Tyson who became part of Degeneration X, While WCW had their own tricks by adding then rivals Dennis Rodman from the Chicago Bulls and Karl Malone from the Utah Jazz to their program.


This was actually the smartest move on WCW’s behalf. A month after the Chicago Bulls beat Utah in the 1998 NBA Finals, Bash at the Beach took place as a special PPV. Headlining the event, was Karl Malone who teamed up with Diamond Dallas Page (Face) who went against Hulk Hogan from the NWO and Dennis Rodman. Wrestling Rivals teaming up with Sports rivals was a genius marketing move by World Championship Wrestling. I mean, if you were a Utah Fan, you were probably looking forward to seeing Karl Malone body slam a Chicago Bull.

Although the Chicago Bulls won the NBA Championship that year, Diamond Dallas Page and and Karl Malone ended up taking the win making this one of the most memorable WCW Pay Per Views ever.


  1. Ummmmm, nothing said here is correct or factual. This was actually a widely derided and hated match by anyone who was unfortunate enough to have paid to watch it. Malone and DDP did NOT under any circumstances win this match. Hogan and Rodman were the winners. Go do some homework.

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