10 Jordan Brand Icons Celebrating 32 South State Street Chicago


Following the legendary career of Michael Jordan, it’s certain that Chicago is the city that Mike built from the ground up. Milestone after milestone, MJ had some of his most memorable moments in “The Windy City” – so it’s only right that Jordan Brand opened up shop in the heart of Chicago.

With the opening of 32 South State Street, icons will be displayed throughout the new location to commemorate MJ’s biggest accomplishments, as well as imagery highlighting each moment. Michael Jordan is a globally celebrated sports figure and these icons read like hieroglyphics, to tell a story of a man that’s been personified as a basketball god. Take a look below, and get a quick brush up on the legend.

32 South State Street in Chicago will be open to the public on 10/24.


·         3-peat Plaque

o   The plaque symbolizes Jordan’s second three-peat of NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls (1996-1998). These years also identify a strong period for the Air Jordan line, with the release of the Air Jordan XI, Air Jordan XII and Air Jordan XXIII.


·         6-ringed Hand

o   Through his illustrious career in Chicago, Michael Jordan won six NBA titles, which is represented with the six-ringed hand.


·         45- Divided His Brother’s Number To Get 23

o   Growing up, Michael Jordan looked up to his brother Larry, who was a tremendous athlete in his own right. Larry was a year older so he had priority on the “45” jersey number, so Jordan divided that number by two and rounded it up to “23” – a number that is now legendary to the city of Chicago.


·         MJ’s Nickname – “Black Cat”

o   “Black Cat” was Jordan’s nickname growing up. The Air Jordan III was patterned after a black panther’s paw and the Air Jordan XIII is nicknamed “Black Cat.”


·         50 Sports Illustrated Covers

o   Since the debut of Sports Illustrated magazine in 1954, Jordan has appeared on the cover a total of 50 times, the most by any athlete. The play personified in this image is “The Dunk” from the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest.


·         Play For “The Dunk”

o   A diagrammed play from Jordan’s “The Dunk” from the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest in Chicago. In this iconic play, Jordan took off from the foul line on the way to his second straight Slam Dunk title.


·         Chicago Subway Car

o   Represents a Chicago subway car heading towards State Street. The “2345” in the window is a reference to the two main numbers Jordan wore in his career.


·         Iconic Chicago Clock

o   Sketch of the famous clock on State Street in downtown Chicago. Originally as part of Marshall Field’s department store, this clock was installed in 1897.


·         State Street Sign

o   Street sign for South State Street, the location of the new Jordan Brand retail experience, from Chicago for Chicago.


Icon_Illustration_Urbs_result·         Chicago’s Motto

o   Sign with Chicago’s motto, “Urbs in Horto.” It means “city in a garden” in Latin and was chosen because of the many parks found in Chicago.



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