This week’s Supreme drop features the release of the streetwear giant’s range of Spring 2020 graphic tees. This season, Supreme offers seven designs, each one releasing in a variety of colorways. Just like we did in Fall 2019 and Winter 2019, we’ve ranked each tee from worst to best and provided some background info on each design. Here we go!

7) Supreme Time Tee

Supreme’s designs can fall anywhere between wild and minimalistic. While clean designs are usually preferred by fans, this tee is so minimalistic that it’s just plain boring. It features the words “Supreme Time” with a picture of a countryside landscape. To be fair though, the heather purple colorway shown above looks pretty nice, but the other two previewed colorways (red and yellow) ain’t it.

6) Everything Is Shit Tee

This design is trying to unlock a memory in my brain. The blue flame and font style looks very familiar, especially against the yellow background. I’m thinking of a PS1 menu screen or maybe a music video premiere on MTV. Anyway, this one is a hit or miss depending on the colorway. This yellow one is nice. There’s also a black version with a pink graphic that looks alright.

5) Dragon Tee

This design seems to be inspired by ’90s Southern Rap album covers such as Juvenile’s 400 Degreez and Three 6 Mafia’s Live By Yo Rep. These album covers were designed by Pen & Pixel, a Houston-based company that made that rose to fame during Cash Money Records and No Limit’s heyday. The common themes of cars, fire, jewelry, and money are featured on the design, while a menacing metallic dragon takes center stage. This tee is without a doubt ugly and gives off some Kyle Monster Energy vibes, but those who grew up on Mannie Fresh beats may consider copping for the nostalgia.

4) Dinosaur Tee

Not sure who the designer is, but I’m digging the art style on this one. It features a graphic of a coin-operated dinosaur kiddie ride that you might find at the mall or by the entrance of a Walmart. The artwork kind of reminds me of the style Ken Sugimori used on Pokémon Red and Blue. The playful graphic looks good against the colorful tie-dye as well as on the more subdued colorways.

3) Morph Tee

This tee features the artwork of Keegan Dakkar, a New York-based tattoo artist. His work is also featured on various other Supreme pieces this season including hoodies, sweatpants, and basketball jerseys. Dakkar spells out Supreme in his signature style on the front of the tee, while a cat face graphic is stamped repeatedly on the back. This tee looks clean in the black and white, but the all-over print on the back clashes with the tie-dye colorway.

2) Sailboat Tee

Formally trained at San Francisco’s Art Institute, the artist behind this design, Joe Roberts, he has stated in interviews that in school he “mostly learned about drugs.” Roberts’ psychedelic works showcase his experiences with LSD, DMT, and shrooms, and often features the artist’s spin on Mickey Mouse, as seen in the tees he designed for Supreme SS17. This tee is more on the tame side for Roberts and doesn’t include Mickey, but it does feature UFOs and a hand-drawn Supreme box logo.

1) Chrome Logo Tee

Although this design looks like something that could’ve came out of WordArt on Microsoft PowerPoint, it will probably sell out the quickest out of all seven. I can see how some might say that it’s a lazy design, but sometimes simplicity is key.

The Supreme Spring 2020 tees will be available along with other items releasing this Thursday, April 16th on Supreme’s webstore.