saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_21

Continuing to push the limits of what suede, leather and mesh can do, Saucony are back with a Spring 2014 “Grey Pack” for their infamous Shadow 6000 silhouette. Deep blue, red and green make appearances, as well as a sleek predominantly grey offering. It’s nice to see some heat that doesn’t come with a collab name tacked on, and if you’re feeling these as much as we are you can cop yours now.

saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_24 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_25 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_26 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_31 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_30 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_29 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_28 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_27 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_22 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_14 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_16 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_17 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_18 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_19 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_20 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_08 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_10 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_09 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_11 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_12 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_23 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_03 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_07 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_02 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_05 saucony-shadow6000-grey pack_04