Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance docuseries has done numbers. ESPN announced that viewership for the premiere episode eclipsed 6 million. One of the notable stories retold in the latest episode was that of the 1992 Dream Team and Jordan’s medal ceremony move.

In 1992, the US Olympic basketball team was sponsored by Reebok, so the warmups and jerseys the team wore were all branded accordingly. After winning the gold, Jordan decided he did not want to be seen at the gold medal ceremony on global television wearing one of Nike’s competitor’s logos.  He chose to drape the American flag over his shoulder, covering the Reebok logo for the entire ceremony.

Reebok poked fun at the moment on Instagram with a post and announced the announced the re-release of a jacket inspired by the moment Jordan pulled almost 30 years ago. A blue background with white stars covers the right arm and shoulders and the red and white stripes wrap around the torso and left arm. The Reebok logo sits prominently on the left chest.


The jacket is available for purchase online at Reebok for $80. Available in the traditional red/white/blue as well as a new black/silver version.