NFL Style Guide - Week 14

There are only 3 weeks left in the regular season. We’ve seen a ton of great fits this season and the end of the regular season is within sight. For week 14 I have a handful of fits that I was feeling as the season ramps up in competition with teams being eliminated from playoff contention.

 NFL Style Guide - Week 14

Juwann Winfree

The black accessories that include a bowtie and LV belt put this fit together a sleek style that’s understated and patently cool. Winfree’s patterned shirt adds dimension and makes this more than an all black outfit that’s overly business casual.

 NFL Style Guide - Week 14

Odell Beckham Jr.

It’s hard to see what else exactly is going on underneath Beckham’s coat but I like what I can see in the pattern of his shirt. I’m entirely here for this coat though, the drape has a great flow and the oversized hood has a large flap that hangs from the front to give it its oversized design. OBJ also laced a pair of Travis Scott’s AJ1 high with blue laces.

 NFL Style Guide - Week 14

Darron Lee

This is the coat that the distant relative that you don’t know all that much about but they are still somehow your favorite wears to family functions to always be the best dressed. It’s definitely up there in the top 5 coats I’ve seen this season. Lee kept everything else subtle opting for all black underneath which I appreciate as it doesn’t take away from this bomb of a coat.

 NFL Style Guide - Week 14

Travis Kelce

Seriously how could I ever leave out a mohair coat. Kelce found himself in a beauty here. The colors here come together in a coat of many colors style, that purple/orange combo is mental and I would do some pretty ridiculous things to get my hands on this coat.

 NFL Style Guide - Week 14 NFL Style Guide - Week 14

Robert Woods

All white Dior denim is the fit I didn’t know I needed before I actually saw it. It’s the ultimate clean fit and Woods really sets it off with the long chain. Woods went with the B23 low and while I’m not crazy about the Dior AJ1, it would have been a great look if he could have gotten his hands on a pair for this fit.

 NFL Style Guide - Week 14

Bradley McDougald

Off-White certainly has had its detractors as people have become tired of “The Ten” but I for one think that this was great execution of some select pieces. I like the rolled bottom grey pants with the OW Blazers and they are paired well with the Off-White marble tee. The transparent raincoat McDOugald went with is similar to the ASOS one Josh Gordon wore earlier this year and ties the white from the shoes together nicely.

 NFL Style Guide - Week 14

DK Metcalf

These are some of the highest capris I’ve seen someone wear in a long time and while I like them on Metcalf, I would never think of trying this if you weren’t built like him. There’s like 10 people on the planet built like him so it’s probably a no for you. I do love pairing of the pants with the fishing vest though. It’s a neat juxtaposition of the high and tight pants with the loose multitude of pockets in the vest. Oh also DK, that bag has wheels man.

 NFL Style Guide - Week 14 DeAndre Hopkins

I still have yet to get tired of the translucent LV duffle bags that have been very popular this year in the NFL. Hopkins bag plays into the kelly green he is wearing in his pants and shoes in a playful way that contrasts the seriousness of his closed coat. The suede duster with the belt is a serious fashion move and I could not be a bigger fan. I like the way Hopkins dresses, for the most part his clothes are about fit, material, look and not logos or overt, in your face branding.