OK, so Nike makes the Air Jordan 10 to like, you know, pay tribute to all of the accomplishments achieved during Michael Jordan’s career. So what does he go and do? Drop basketball all together and pick up a bat and glove to take a crack at baseball for a while. Well, the shoe was already designed, and somebody had to wear it, so Nike decided to make up PE editions for various players in the NBA to carry the torch while Michael was whiffing at curveballs down in Birmingham. The “City Pack” was delegated to 5 players: Kendall Gill in Seattle, Mitch Richmond in Sacramento (best pair!), Hubert Davis in New York, Nick Anderson in Orlando, and Jerry Stackhouse at Jordan’s alma mater down at UNC. Suffice it to say, its rare to see any of these shoes pop up, but to find the WHOLE pack in great condition is downright miraculous. Take a breath, gather your funds, and check this out because if you’d like the entire collection, You Can Buy Them Now

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