adidas-ultra boost-grey-on foot
The three stripes crew have been feeling themselves over the Ultra Boost’s success, and we damn near feel them (full opinion awaits a pair *cough cough y’all*). The not-white iteration, also known to some as “Silver” has hit EU shelves, and we’re sure they’ll go platinum in the US.

The knit boosts are solid lookers and from all reports solid performers, a combo rarely achieved (look at Jordan’s for instance). A piece in the adidas takeover puzzle, these clever kicks are a bright spot for sneaker culture, a place where desirability often trumps the fact that silhouettes are 25 years old and uncomfortable, making us no different than girls in heels. The cats at adidas are aiming to change that, and for that we thank them. Soak in the pics and stay tuned to MN for release info.


adidas-ultra boost-grey-on foot_02

adidas-ultra boost-grey-on foot_03

adidas-ultra boost-grey-on foot_04