A Ma Maniére x Exchange Program Capsule Collection


Growing up, Terry Cho would work alongside his single mother at local swap meets in LA, where they would sell sport jerseys, blank tees, and more. This developed Cho’s sense of fashion at an early age, leading to him one day becoming store manager at Dover Street Market’s NYC location.

In late 2020, Terry Cho founded Exchange Program, inspired by his personal story of being an immigrant from South Korea who moved to America at a young age. Similar to how the actual student exchange program lets students experience other environments and cultures for personal growth, Cho’s Exchange Program was created “to open people’s minds to unconventional thinking through other people’s stories.”

Terry Cho has now teamed up with another culturally-driven brand, A Ma Maniére, on an exclusive six-piece collection. “The capsule for A Ma Maniére is simple and clean,” says Cho. “The idea was to create a timeless graphic, in a way a new logo that marries the main ideas of both Exchange Program and A Ma Maniére. We didn’t want to dig too deep and over expand on graphics that may take away room for self interpretation. We want it to mean something to whoever is a part of it, for their own particular reasons. The collection draws energy from being a part of something bigger than ‘one’ and we are all a part of certain things for our own reason. The greater picture remains the same. ALL WE ASK IS TRUST.”

Within the assortment of apparel, the designs are stripped back for simplicity but still bring a fresh aesthetic. Exchange Program’s round text logo is altered to feature an off-centered AMM “A” overlay. Sporting green text on black, the “EXCH’A’NGE PROGRAM” design is extended to various pieces such as shorts, tees, and hoodies. The co-branding does not end there. Some of the pieces also feature a column of logos that alternate between A Ma Maniére’s and Exchange Program branding.

The A Ma Maniére x Exchange Program collection is set to launch on April 16th at A Ma Maniére boutiques and online at amamaniere.com (10am ET).


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