The Whitaker Group Unveils A Ma Maniére Beach


The Whitaker Group is expanding its arsenal of experiential spaces with a new beachside concept, A Ma Maniére Beach.

The three-story luxury resort is the latest expansion of the A Ma Maniére Living concept originally introduced in 2018 at A Ma Maniére DC. It is intentionally located along the sandy shores of Folly Beach, South Carolina, a location marked by a history of discrimination. Because of racial segregation, the area was once rendered inhospitable to Black communities, a tradition that persisted into the 1960s and early ’70s.

“We are dedicated to creating spaces where Black and brown community members can embrace luxury on their own terms, and the A Ma Maniére Beach concept stands as a testament to this unwavering commitment,” says TWG founder James Whitner. “This is more than just a destination; it embodies empowerment and inclusivity. By choosing Folly Beach, a locale with a history of exclusion, we are not only rewriting the narrative but reclaiming it.”

The seaside retreat includes three bedrooms and three bathrooms, all strategically positioned to provide a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean. Designed to embody luxury akin to renowned fashion houses, AMM Beach will offer “5-star accommodations, exceptional hospitality, and world-class amenities.”

The exterior of the resort is painted in black, a stark contrast to the sun-bleached hues of its surroundings, though still managing to blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of the beachscape. Meanwhile, the interior is decorated with pieces from James Whitner’s personal art collection, showcasing works by renowned artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, KAWS, Daniel Arsham, Hebru Brantley, Anna Park, Pat Phillips, Julian Gaines, Enrico Riley, and David Shrigley.

A Ma Maniére is best known in the sneaker community for its Jordan collaborations, and the opening of A Ma Maniére Beach is expected to coincide with the launch of the boutique’s rumored Air Jordan 17 Low project.

Besides acting as an immersive experience space for creatives, artists, fashion enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs, A Ma Maniére Beach will also host a range of programming, retreats, and events with the goal to engage the youth, foster creativity, and nurture a sense of community within the space.

A Ma Maniére Beach is set to open Summer 2024. Grab a first look at the space below and visit the A Ma Maniére website for more.





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